Our core activities

Our employees ...

  • performs analyses commissioned by companies in the dairy industry, in order to determine the composition and quality of farm fresh milk and products;
  • assesses and certifies production processes on the dairy farm as well as the transportation and further manufacturing processes of milk and dairy products;
  • performs analyses on milk samples from individual animals, commissioned by cattle breed organisations;
  • produces and organises proficiency tests, reference- and pilot samples;
  • is also active in other areas with quality assurance and food safety, such as the poultry- and beef cattle business;
  • is responsible for the hygiene check RMO (mobile milk reception) and the delivery site of farm fresh milk to the factory.

Internationally recognized

Qlip's chemical and microbiological laboratory processes more than 500,000 analyses per year. Testing mainly applies to raw and heat-treated milk, cheese and cheese products, butter and milk fat products, powdered milk products and infant a formula. Our testing is nationally and internationally recognized and accredited.

Annually, Qlip's routine laboratory analyses more than 2.3 million herd bulk milk samples for payment purposes. Qlip also performs hygiene checks on the milk transport from dairy farms to the processing plants. Dairy farmers and breeding organisations base their policies on milk data from individual animals. For this purpose, Qlip analyses more than 200,000 milk samples from individual cows on a weekly basis. Also, each year more than 13,000 reviews and audits are done throughout the chain.