Why should you source your reference, calibration and proficicency test samples from us?

Qlip supplies reference samples and calibration samples, including reference values for users of infrared equipment. These will enable you to check and fine-tune your equipment so that it always gives you the best results; results you can rely on. We can also supply proficiency test surveys. Participation in these proficiency test surveys enables you to compare your laboratory results with those of others. This will give you additional information to help you check whether the infrared equipment you are using is correctly set up. If you take part in our proficiency test surveys and your 'calibration line setting' is not up to par (such as after a repair or because the homogeniser isn't working properly), or that the intercept/bias is not correct (perhaps due to a contaminated measuring cuvette), this will show up in your lab results (Z score either too high or too low).

The levels in the calibration samples, as well as those obtained from the reference samples, are established using at least two reference methods. Qlip BV has accreditation for these referencing methods from the Dutch Accreditation Council. Our high-quality laboratory has been accredited by the organisation for proficiency testing surveys in conformation with the standard NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17043 (RvA R010).