Proficiency testing, Reference - & Calibration Samples

Over 30 years of experience...

Qlip has a long history and experience in the production and development of reference and calibration samples for mid-infrared instruments. Currently over 80 facilities worldwide are using our products to test and calibrate their mid-infrared instruments. Annually we produce over 140.000 samples. Our products are the Standard for several respected Global Dairy Laboratories. We assure quality by collaboration with exclusively Accredited Reference Laboratories and the globally leading mid-infrared instruments manufacturers. To measure and benchmark ourselves to the highest global standards we participate and organize Proficiency Tests. Many customers and partners participate in those Proficiency Tests to assure and improve the quality of their laboratories.

Proficiency Tests ... measure your Performance

Qlip organises proficiency tests for chemical and microbiological analysis in milk, concentrated milk, milk powder, cream, whey, cheese, butterfat, infant formula and water for almost 30 different parameters. In total, over 95 laboratories in 15 countries participate globally. The aim of proficiency testing is to provide the participating laboratories with information about their performance, e.g. accuracy, repeatability or detection limits of an analysis. The outcome can be used to assure and improve the quality of chemical and microbiological analyses. Our proficiency tests are the global standard to demonstrate your performance to your customers, accreditation bodies or supervisory bodies. Most of our proficiency tests are accredited following ISO/IEC 17043.

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Custom-made subscriptions

We deliver reference and calibration samples for mid-infrared instruments, with different specifications for raw milk, skimmed milk, cream, whey and goat milk accompanied by a certificate of analysis. Based on the specific requirements we offer a custom-made subscription. The following parameters can be analysed: protein, fat, lactose, freezing point, somatic cell count, urea, fatty acids, dry matter and casein. According to the subscription we produce weekly fresh reference samples and periodically calibration samples throughout the year. These products are distributed in time to the facilities. By using preservatives and cooling, we ensure the best quality and stability of the samples upon arrival. Nearly all of our methods are accredited following ISO/IEC17025. Choose and use our reference materials and calibration standards to assure the most reliable outcome for your clients!

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Our service to deliver...

  • Produced by Europe's largest accredited milk testing laboratory
  • Custom-made Subscription to deliver Continuous Quality
  • Delivery in time according Subscription
  • Total service model from Order to Delivery
  • Quality Assured by internationally recognised Reference Methods
  • Advise and Expertise available to guarantee Best Results

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