Analyses - Knowledge is Power

This is a well-known saying within the dairy industry. Knowledge about the composition and possible contaminants in your products, enable you to, together with Qlip, optimise the quality of your products. Furthermore, through the usage of Qlip analyses, you can comply with the laws. If you have your own laboratory, you can participate in the proficiency tests Qlip organises as well as acquire standard- and pilot samples for infrared equipment.

Chemical and Microbiological Analyses

Qlip is your partner for nearly all chemical and microbiological analyses used for quality assurance during the production and storing of dairy product. >> Read more

Analyses Milkproductregistration (MPR) samples – individual cow milk analysis

Qlip is commissioned by the dairy breeding organisation, to perform analyses on milk taken from individual animals. The results of these analyses can be used by cattle owners to manage their stocks. >> Read more

Proficiency testing, Reference Materials & Calibration Standards

Qlip is accredited to organise proficiency tests for your own laboratory and can supply users of infrared equipment with reference materials and calibration standards. >> Read more

Payment Criteria Analyses

The routine laboratory of Qlip is commissioned by the recipients of farm fresh milk, to perform payment criteria analyses on tankmilk. These samples are analysed based on composition and quality and its results are used to calculate the monetary reward for the supplier. >> Read more