A crucial role in the dutch dairy industry

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Qlip has a long history as a partner in the dairy chain. Qlip is actively involved with the milk- and dairy production, from the farm phase of the milk to the assurance of quality and food safety in the dairy industry and trade. Through her activities, Qlip supports companies in the dairy chain to secure and strengthen their leading market positions in national and international markets.

With her wide range of analyses and certification, her extensive network, expertise and years of experience, Qlip remains unchallenged as the market leader in quality assurance and food safety in the Dutch dairy chain.

Qlip offers nearly all possible chemical and microbiological analyses used for quality assurance during the production and storage of dairy products. In addition, Qlip offers bundled analyses for the production of dairy products on farms, analyses milk samples from individual animals for breeding organisations and performs payment criteria analyses in farm-fresh milk for the dairy industry. Qlip is also accredited to organise proficiency testing as well as the production of reference- and pilot samples for infrared equipment.

Qlip also offers a wide range of certificates and performs audits for the process of certification. Qlip offers Process certification, as well as certification for British Retail Consortium (BRC), International Food Standard (IFS), HACCP and FSSC 22000. In the Netherlands, Qlip also offers certification and audits to assess dairy farms, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and grazing milk.

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