At home on dairy farms

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The rich history of Qlip and it’s predecessors in the dairy farming industry are the basis for Qlip’s activities today.

To support dairy famers, Qlip performs analyses that seek to improve udder health; help farmers determine gestation; determine the presence of salmonella or coli in milk; ensure the quality of the water supply. In addition, Qlip performs analyses on milk samples taken from individual cows commissioned by the cattle improvement organisation and payment criteria analyses for recipients of farm fresh milk

Furthermore, Qlip is commissioned by companies in the dairy industry to perform assessment on dairy farms for their quality assurance programs; Qlip is the first independent certifying body in the Netherlands that is allowed to audit for grazing milk; and Qlip offers Q-Rund that helps cattle owners comply with the regulations. Qlip also performs certification for Sustainable Livestock Breeding stables (MDV), corporate social responsibility (CSR), and the Better Life hallmark.