Yili Innovation Center Europe and Qlip establish close cooperation

1809 MoU Yili QlipOn September 12, 2018, Yili and Qlip confirmed the proposed collaboration by signing a 'Memorandum of Understanding'. The signing took place by Mr. Zhang Jianqiu (Executive President or Yili Group) and Mr. Jan Bobbink (CEO Qlip) during the official opening of Yili Innovation Center in Europe in Wageningen. For Yili, the close collaboration with Qlip is part of the 'Connect to Innovate' strategy to achieve more connections with knowledge and business partners in the international dairy chain and to stimulate innovation.

The partnership ties in with Qlip's growth strategy and focuses on quality assurance and improvement of Yili's dairy farms and transport and food safety of Yili's dairy products in China. The aim of the cooperation is to establish an integral chain approach in China from water, feed, animal health, medication use, milk production, -storage to milk quality. Combining and integrating Yili Standards with Qlip’s Dutch Dairy Standards will lead to the best Farmmanagement Standards globally.


Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd is a supplier of dairy products in China. The company was founded in 1956 and the headquarter is located in Hohhot, the capital of the Chinese autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. It is Asia's largest dairy producer and sole sponsor of dairy products for the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in 2022. It is the first Chinese dairy company ever to reach a turnover of 9 billion euros in the Chinese dairy sector and a net profit of more than 650 million euros. Yili focuses on internationalization with the focus on innovation. Yili opened its first foreign dairy factory in New Zealand in 2014 and also started in 2014 with the European Innovation Center in the Netherlands. This is the first foreign innovation center with the aim of expanding and strengthening cooperation with European companies, universities and research institutes in several areas. Recently, an Innovation Center has also been established in New Zealand.


Qlip supports the international dairy chain, to strengthen leading market positions by being a leading, innovative, reliable and committed partner. Its core activities are focused on food safety, quality, composition and sustainability. Qlip carries out more than 15,000 assessments and audits annually throughout the dairy industry. At the dairy laboratory in Zutphen, 15 million raw milk samples are analyzed annually and over 500,000 microbiological and chemical analyzes are carried out on dairy products, such as cheese, milk powders, dairy ingredients and infant formula. Qlip’s growth strategy focuses on internationalization and innovation within dairy.