Challenge: Innovate Dairy Testing

Get in the Ring, QLIP and HighTechXL are looking for innovative solutions to innovate the way raw milk is tested. Solutions that have the potential to disrupt the current market on testing technologies, varying from ‘lab on a farm’, to robotics and new testing technologies, improving on centralized infrared milk testing. These solutions could support both dairy farmers, as well as the dairy industry, in their quest to deliver the best dairy products to the consumer.


Currently, most of the dairy testing is done by shipping samples to central milk testing labs, such as QLIP. The test is done by using infrared technology to measure data, after which it’s analyzed using the tools and knowhow at QLIP’s headquarters. Technological developments are making it possible to measure almost real-time at the farm itself, potentially using other forms of measuring methods (like sensors, magnetics, etc.) to collect relevant data that can be used to determine quality, composition, safety, authenticity and maybe even more. We are looking for these type of solutions for the dairy quality assurance, regardless of what industry they originate from, whether it’s food, medical, etc.

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