Programme highlights World Dairy Summit 2016

The major challenge for the global dairy sector is how to help nourish a growing population in a sustainable way. We are convinced that dairy will continue to be an important source of safe and sustainable nutrition in the years to come. This can only be achieved in close and open collaborations with the global community, including both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

There is no doubt that differences of opinion on the role of dairy in nutrition and sustainability do exist. Therefore we aim to make a difference in the programme for the IDF World Dairy Summit 2016 by facilitating a dialogue on how dairy can sustainably contribute to feeding 9 billion people. Not only with stakeholders from within the global dairy sector, but also including views from outside.

Topics to be addressed in the program, relate to:

  • Economics (including economic sustainability) in the sector

  • Nutrition

  • Sustainability

  • Food safety

  • Farming and Farmers

  • Dairy development

  • Technology

  • Standards

  • Marketing/communication

Not only will these topics be dealt with in their own right, but also various cross overs between these areas have been programmed as our challenges are becoming more and more multi-factorial complex topics.

At occasions in the programme, we will have a speaker presenting a challenging view on a topic reflecting the opposing views in the outside world.

In the programme there is also a farmer’s event that is involving the farmers view and is therefore marked ‘farmers only’.

The three days of sessions will close with the Declaration of Rotterdam, which is a comprehensive statement on how the dairy sector is going to respond to the various challenges as set by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Of course there will also be time for social interaction during the Welcome reception and during the Gala dinner which will be held at inspiring locations.

In order to maximize interaction between all participants during the first 3 days of the Summit the Technical Tours are scheduled after the sessions. An attractive Technical Tours programme is scheduled showing you the best of the Dutch dairy sector.

In Dare to Dairy our 2016 IDF World Dairy Summit aims to do just that – engage both those who share our views and those who hold counter views.


Please join us in Rotterdam! Register now at

Date: 16-21 October 2016

Location: De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Don’t miss out on the interesting online dialogue, with several blogs posted on the IDF World Dairy Summit 2016 website each week.